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Walk With Me

Small Steps Change Lives


Urgent Need: Yemen
End of Year Campaign

We've launched a GoFundMe Campaign specifically to raise funds for our local nutrition center in Yemen and help those suffering from acute malnutrition and at risk of starvation. Please make your charitable donation before the end of 2019 and a make difference in the life of a child!



Our community health priority focuses on health promotion and illness prevention, with specialized teams providing need-specific clinics.



Education initiatives provide catch-up programs in basic literacy. Children with gaps in education are taught reading, writing, mathematics and language skills.



Vocational programs offer young adults the chance to develop specialized skills. Practical training in specific fields enhances personal growth and job opportunities.



Counseling programs for youth traumatized by war, persecution and loss help them overcome debilitating stress with critical community-based support.

Stories From the Field

Hear individual accounts of tragedies and triumphs

Some stories will break your heart as you read of people's squalid conditions, while other stories will lift your spirit as you discover people's incredible resiliance in the face of grueling hardship. I see strength and courage tested over and over again, not when people are strong, but when they have been completely broken and continue to shine.

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"Stories From The Field"

Our Story

Walk With Me was founded at the height of the refugee crisis to feed, heal, teach, and sustain refugees fleeing war-torn regions. In 2015, we strategically partnered with Tying Vines, Inc. to establish 501(c)(3) status for our projects. Like the name, Walk With Me, the focus is to work alongside trusted regional partners to help facilitate programs that directly benefit those who otherwise would be disregarded in society and forgotten by the rest of the world. This humanitarian branch of Tying Vines, Inc. has partnered with multiple organizations to provide medical care, educational programs, vocational training for young adults and counseling for trauma-affected youth.

Strategic Partners

Last year alone, we were able to provide care for more than 75,000 people in need and have programs currently operating in seven different countries. We could not do this work without an incredible network of organizations and individuals. 


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